$525.00 Fine for parking in handicapped parking in Dallas, TX…I’ll NEVER pay it…


So today when I got off work from working 7 days straight I was so tired… But I had put off buying a couple of very important items I needed and I decided to stop at Walmart on the way home…. So I stopped at the Walmart on Forest Lane in Dallas, TX and parked as quickly as I could because it was like 150 degrees and my air condition didn’t work….

I ran into Walmart for all of about 20 minutes and frankly did not pay attention to the fact the spot was supposedly a handicapped spot…..

So when I came back to my car I had a ticket….

I said no sweat I would pay it….

Until I found out that the ticket was over $500 dollars and that Dallas had not only recently criminalized parking violations they had doubled the fine…..

Needless to say I was shocked that a parking violation could immediately be worth over $500 dollars…. And i knew immediately that there was no way I would pay that……

At all…..

That’s an outrageous fine and one that I believe doesn’t suit the violation…..

I am aware that cities and towns are in budget crunches which has prompted many of them to criminalize violations that are normally civil matters… This is how they get around the federal ban on “debtors prisons”…. See, when the criminalize it- regardless of how minor it is – they immediately reward themselves with the ability to threaten jail time over it…

And to impose extraordinarily high fines on the general public…..

I have never gone to jail…… But this type of behavior by the city/municipality/ county authorities makes me view jail differently… I am not afraid any longer to sit these tickets out…

This is a recession and while I was willing to pay maybe $200 for that ticket half a grand they will never see from me….

So I guess that they will lose in the end anyway because in jail they will have to feed me and I will damn hard to make sure I get my dental done or at least some of it completed…. I’ll just let them know I have a bad toothache while I’m in there…. That will show them….

Instead of getting money they will actually be losing it…. Lolol…

Greedy bastards………

Way to go Dallas!!!! I’m going to take from you every penny I can get!! And thats including the meals and healthcare and dentists…….

In all seriously though, these types of fines only make people lose their reservation of jail…. Only a fool would pay that type of fine……. For a 20 minute parking violation…….


3 Responses to “$525.00 Fine for parking in handicapped parking in Dallas, TX…I’ll NEVER pay it…”

  1. 1 Carol

    YOU are the lazy, greedy bastard! Too lazy to park a little further out and walk in the 115 degree weather. Greedy because it is the taxpayers who will support your sorry a** to sit in jail with ac, TV, meals, and demanding dental work – not the Dallas Police Department you stupid jacka**. A doctor has to submit paperwork verifying a person’s disability so they can park in a handicap space. They can’t just park there because they want to. I applaude the Dallas Police Department for ticketing you because you selfishly parked in a handicapped space because it was closer, it was hot, you were tired, and you didn’t want to walk in the heat. Therefore, your disregard forced a truly handicapped person to do what you didn’t want to do – park out further, walk further, in the heat, yet they have a disability, you didn’t!! If you decide to ‘sit it out’ in jail, I pray the judge will order you hoe weeds along the roadside from 8 am to 5 pm, 7days a week, for a minimum of one month, IN THE HEAT, with hoe blistered hands and sun blistered body, and maybe you will weigh the odds of ‘sitting it out’ versus strolling in the heat a few minutes before you park in a handicap spot again. Who do you think the idiot would be? (Hint: look in a mirror)

    • Let me guess…..

      You’re nothing more than a foul mouthed, disabled, angry hag?

      Look.. I have nothing against the disabled….Although I know plenty of folks “claiming” to be disabled when they aren’t. I too have health problems. Yet, I did not rush down to a Doctor (as so many folks I know) to claim disability and get “FREE” taxpayer funded foodstamps and medical coverage and whatever else disabled folks get…..

      My taxdollars pay for the disabled too…

      However, that is not the point I was trying to make….The point I was trying to make was this – “Cities are in a cash CRUNCH and they are criminalizing a whole host of laws or even crimes of MORAL TURPTITUDE to hold the THREAT OF JAIL over people and to QUICKLY FILL THEIR COFFERS!”

      More and more cities are doing this… around the country……The FINE should fit the CRIME… Yet a $500.00 dollar fine for handicapped parking or ANY PARKING VIOLATION is CLEARLY EXCESSIVE and MEANT TO BE MORE THAN A PENALTY- IT IS MEANT TO BE A PROFITEERING MOVE by the cities…. And many people feel this way because these “fines” are now making News Headlines…… Across the country and these increased, and OVER THE TOP FINES are now the subject of many recently published articles….

      SHAME ON THEM…..

      My legs were indeed hurting that day…. As stated before I too have health problems and was not feeling well… SO FUCK THE CITY…. AND THEIR LAWS….. IF I SIT OUT MY TIME IN JAIL I WILL FIND A WAY TO TAKE MUCH MORE FROM THEM THAN THEY TAKE FROM ME! I GUARANTEE YOU!

  2. 3 Dee

    I agree. I drove a co-worker to work in January cause her handicap van was in for repairs. In my haste to help her out of the car, get her workbag and my own and get us both on the DART train – I forgot to put her handicap tag on the window (it was sitting in the passenger seat when I arrived back at my car after work), so I got a ticket. I had to pay $22.00 and take half a day off of work to get the ticket off my record. Then again in March, I helped the same person with the same exact problem (car trouble), I had slept since then so I wasn’t exactly remembering the whole ignorant event of January. So I got another ticket. Upon arrival at the Plano Municipal Bldg. I found out that as a human being, I can only make this mistake once a year. That now the ticket would not be taken care of for a $22 fee – that the ticket was now $512.00. This tells me that I should NEVER help out a friend, cause even if you can prove that they have a handicap and it was an honest mistake, that you will get screwed over by local municipal government trying to fill their pockets. I only hope and pray that my co-worker can find another friend to help her out, cause I can’t afford the $22 fee nor the $512 ticket – which they won’t even let you make a payment plan for 6 months without complete application ($26) plus $125 fee for setting up the agreement. I also had to show paystubs, utility bills, etc – like I’m too stupid to know my own budget. Needless to say, I have told everyone on my job and showed them the paperwork about how Plano, TX is the most unforgiving municipality even with proof of the handicap.

    I also helped my friend move from Plano back to Pennsylvania so she can get more help from her family, since she is a single parent.


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